Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Uneventful days

Haven't had much to say the last couple of days - work was OK but not exciting, it has rained constantly for days so I haven't been tempted to leave the office during the day or the house in the evening. So at least my foot is getting lots of rest. I've been traveling by train instead of driving to Cardiff, which has been less stressful. I've been making more effort to eat more healthily - without obsessing over weight (even though I'm still enormous). Mostly I'm just ticking along.


  1. You know, ticking along is great. Nothing too fast and nothing too slow. It sounds comfortable to me, you know.
    (and I bet you are not 'enormous', even if you are larger than you would care to be)
    J x

  2. I think Joy has hit the nail on the head sometimes just ticking along is the order of the day

  3. Missing you, Chrissie. xxxxx