Monday, 1 May 2017

Holiday weekend

Well, I followed advice and didn't walk all weekend . I went to the library on Saturday (about one mile each way) and DROVE to the Aldi car park rather than walking. Aldi is less than 5 minutes walk from the library (albeit up a fair few steps on the way, down a fair few steps on the way back). My foot hurt. Less than a quarter of a mile and my damned foot hurt. So yesterday and today I didn't leave the house. Today I didn't get dressed! And I am officially in danger of going stir crazy. According to a site I read about plantar fasciitis earlier '95% of people recover in under a year without surgical intervention'. In UNDER A YEAR??? Not only would I go insane if I didn't walk properly for that long, but I will weigh slightly more than a double decker bus if I lose the only form of exercise I have been taking. I suppose that means its time to find some other form of exercise. Non weight-bearing. Not walking or running or hiking or mountain climbing.

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  1. Swimming would be good. Sorry I didnt like to say that it can be a long haul. Hopefully it is not that and just a pulled tendon