Monday, 10 April 2017

Sorry I disappeared again

I wasn't having another crisis, possibly coming out from the last one still, I just kept falling asleep in front of the TV without finding the energy to write a post or to click 'Publish' if I did. Probably due to all the interrupted sleep. I'm still not sleeping brilliantly as I keep having vivid weird dreams that wake me up feeling whatever feeling applies to the subject of the dream. Which is why I'm still tired a lot, but not, happily, depressed.
On Thursday and Friday last week I didn't do anything particularly worth mentioning. Saturday was a mixed day - lots of sunshine, a massive 7.5 miles walk up and down a mountain and along the Rhymney Ridge Walk, but a totally sleepless night due to stress.
The walk was amazing though!

Although difficult to photograph due to the incredible scale of everything.
On Sunday I was off again, walking along the Sirhowy Way beside the Sirhowy River. It's almost like I have a feeling I need to cram in as many miles as possible before I start work...

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to drive 200 miles for a visit to my Dad's house in Lincolnshire. I arrived around 10 and relaxed and chatted till after lunch, when we went to my beloved Woodhall Spa. I keep showing you photos taken there every trip and this is no exception!

After THAT we went to RAF Conigsby and watched planes a bit - Conigsby is the home of a Lancaster, Dakota, Hurricanes and Spitfires - and we saw a Hurricane taking off, performing a series of rolls, loops, and other maneuvers I can't name before landing again. I'm not a plane fanatic but my dad was in the RAF for years and had many memories of acting as ground crew on similar flights, so it was really interesting. Now however I am knackered, shattered, exhausted... Going to bed!

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  1. Hopefully all that walking will knock you out!!