Tuesday, 18 April 2017

First day of work

The above photos were taken from behind my new office. I won't have much trouble walking around there in my lunch break!
Before I talk about today I should mention that a post from last week failed to publish and I only just realized. I'll try again shortly, if I manage it don't be confused by a post from Cardiff being immediately followed by one from Newark on Trent ;-)
I had to start at 9 this morning, which to me is the middle of the day. As I felt it was very important not to be late today of all days, I caught a fairly early train and arrived in Cardiff just after 8. That's when I strolled around outside the office and took the photos above.
Once I got inside I was made very welcome, and based on the admittedly superficial judgement of just one day they are nice people, who should be good to work with.
At lunch my manager invited the team to lunch to welcome me, and that was very enjoyable. The actual worky bits of the day were rubbish - mostly reading documentation about their processes, and filling in paperwork. Unlike on a contract - where contractors are typically employed approximately a week after they're really needed and immediately set to work - this company expects a fairly gentle introduction over a week of two. That's quite novel for me, and should give me plenty of time to think about what I want to get from this job. Should be good!


  1. So glad your first day went well. So excited for you :)

  2. It sounds very good indeed. So glad for you.
    J xxx

  3. So glad you have turned the corner