Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bad start to the day

I use an iPad apologize as an alarm. Last night it crashed and as a result didn't wake me up. Usually I would still wake up pretty much as early but I'd had some wine and some Night Nurse so... I had been planning to walk to the train station but when I finally woke up it was already time to leave, so I had to rush around madly getting ready and drove to the station instead. It was so cold I wasn't entirely sorry - even less so when I looked out of the train window at the hailstones bouncing off the train.
Today I was running some tests - rerunning really, with no pressure other than the desire to get ready for the real work. It made the day pass much more quickly and I enjoyed it (novelty value!)
I had a very short walk at lunch but mostly my exercise was just the 7 minute walk from the station to the office and the 7 minute walk back again. Ah well...


  1. Sounds like your day didn't turn out too bad after all, but I know when I sleep in my whole day is thrown off!

    Hail in April? Our weather is mad too just now. Mother Nature is bipolar!

  2. Aaargh! The joys of modern technology.
    Still, I remember the days when you had to wind your alarm clock or it didn't go off at all. A sign of my age? You betcha!
    Glad the job is going well - early days still, and it'll get even better when you're properly in the groove.
    It's been horrid here too - very cold, a bitter wind, hail showers and a bit of soggy snow. Makes me think of my Mum telling me not to cast a clout until May is out... and we're still in April!

  3. Night nurse and wine naughty! but hey sleep is necessary. When work is boring and dull I always try to say to myself would you rather be picking potatoes in a field. The answer is always no!!!!

  4. Quite a good day after the initial shock! I'm glad it is going OK so far.
    J x