Friday, 31 March 2017


I slept badly last night and have been tired all day. I shopped this morning - I gave Lidl another try and once again was disappointed not to be able to fill my shopping list so I ended up going to Aldi again. After that I went home and lounged around all day so I have nothing really to report. But I'm OK!


  1. I'm just off to Aldi in about ten minutes, then on to B&Q and Wyvale. There's a few things I want from Lidl but they can wait!
    Take care
    J x

  2. Little by little you are making progress - rotten nights are horrid and something I know plenty about. Still the up side is you didnt have to be at work at the crack of dawn feeling like a wet dishcloth.

  3. Hope you had an awesome weekend! We finally seem to have turned the corner from Winter to Spring and I am so very happy to see the back of snow for 6 months!