Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I feel kind of peaceful today and I like it!
I slept quite well until about 4am, but I have been waking at 3 a lot so that felt like a lie in!
This morning I walked into town and got my hair cut - you all know how much I love doing that - but I was looking a bit like a monkey peering out of a bush so it was needed. I did a little shopping as well while I was out and when I got home I'd done about 9400 steps so I decided to make sure I got it up to 10000. I'd mowed the lawn yesterday so I settled for hoovering today and easily achieved the goal. Small things obsess bored minds! As I also got some laundry done I managed to make myself feel quite productive. And I finally heard back from KeepWalesTidy - a non-profit organization that unsurprisingly works with the council to deal with litter, fly tipping etc. They provide volunteers ('litter champions') with the kit but don't organize the actual picking expeditions so I will be able to do what and when I want. I have to meet up with him in a week or so to get my equipment and chat about health and safety.
I also called my dad today. I've been neglecting him horribly lately and it was really nice to talk to him. All these positives helping me feel better! Plus sunshine this morning (then rain this afternoon, then sunshine again). 


  1. Nice to see you bobbing up to the surface. It is hard to feel good about very small things but it is important if you miss them everything seems black. Little successes mount up. Just taking 5 minutes to feel the sun on your back is worth its weight in gold.

  2. So great to hear you cheerful!

  3. So glad to read that things are seeming brighter today. One thing at a time, that's all it takes. xxx
    J x

  4. Hi Chrissie,
    Great to see that things are looking up.
    Loved your "monkey peering out of a bush" - that's just what I look like at the moment, but util my lovely gentleman's barber comes back from a trip to Liberia (I kid you not) that's the way I'll stay.
    Here's to the sun shining, not too much litter, and positive days to come.
    Cheers, Deniz