Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Chugging along

Another quiet, mostly angst-free day today.
I walked a few miles this morning (before the rain arrived) and did a little shopping. After lunch I got briefly rained on while wrestling with a rotary clothes line that had fallen over in the back garden - I think the soil was really soft so the side of the hole it was sitting in collapsed. Now I need one of those spike things you slot the pole into if I want to use it again. Not that using an out door clothes line looked like a viable option this afternoon.
Apart from that I mostly studied some boring IT stuff. Amazingly that didn't plunge me back into a suicidal depression - but it does leave me with a whole lot of not much to write about today. Still alive though!


  1. Better than the alternative :)

  2. Glad you are beginning to feel better keep up the good work

  3. My line is in a spike in concrete so it tends to stay put. I only got a line after I retired and it's lovely to be able to freshen the clothes as they dry in the fresh air!
    Glad you are feeling more settled and less unhappy now. Hoping it continues. Thanks for your advice on 30-30.
    J x