Wednesday, 8 February 2017


My brother walked my feet off my legs today. He arrived bright and early and we walked to the train station (1.3 miles) and caught the train to Cardiff. We walked around all day from 9 till 16:00 apart from a couple of shortish breaks, then reversed the journey home. According to my phone I walked just over 13 miles in total though I find that hard to believe - but it is hard to judge when you're more involved in conversation than traveling.
As well as wandering all over town we also visited Cardiff Castle for a couple of hours of self guided exploration.
I had a brilliant day despite sleeping extremely badly last night, and I managed not to go overboard on the food, plus avoiding all booze!
Happy sigh.

(Falconry at the castle - such beautiful birds - and such bad photos!)

I know Cardiff Castle as it stands today is mostly a 19th - early 20th century flight of fancy with little of the Roman and Norman structure remaining, but that Marquess of Bute had some excellent flights of fancy!

Weight : 178 lbs


  1. Super photos to go with such a lovely day. I'm glad.
    J xxx

  2. glad you had a good day in Cardiff it must be 50 years since I was there, i used to spend time with a great aunt who lived there.

  3. What a lovely lovely place. I haven't been to Wales since I was a little girl!