Friday, 24 February 2017


The sun came out today! It's due to be the only nice day for the foreseeable future so it was lovely to see.
I started the day with a trip to Aldi which led to trips to a Tesco Express and Londis because Aldi let me down on a couple of bits. When I got home I did some exciting laundry and my father in law popped round for a chat, so we discussed healthy living, weight loss etc. He was making valid points that Diane, Joy and every one has been making here - about moderation, not total restriction, and about consistency and patience. I do listen to everyone, honestly - I just find it hard to put into practice. 
After he left I got on the climber for 20 minutes, followed by some online training and then a late walk.

I also watched Shop Well for Less to see if I could pick up any tips. I felt the family was so extreme - £12000 of shoes, for goodness sake! And I'm not a brand buyer anyway so it wasn't as useful as I hoped but it was interesting. I also had a look on the Net at a bulk buying website to see if I might be able to save money there and plan a price comparison exercise to see what I can do - not processed foods, but toiletries, cleaning and laundry products for instance. Does anyone use any of these sites? The one I'm looking at at the moment is called

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  1. I wondered how much they must be earning to be able to afford so much stuff. It was absolutely ridiculous. Mind you, I sympathised with her over the tumble dryer - one load a day, sure, but not when she has to do so many loads.
    J x