Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rain. And Rain. And rain

Fortunately this morning at least I had to wait in for a couple of deliveries so I wouldn't have been able to go out even if I'd wanted to. I did a little sketching, some studying, some housework and some TV watching - it was a productive morning. Both my deliveries arrived around lunch so after eating I decided to pop out for a short walk to test the boots I'd found the day before.
Oh my god I almost instantly knew exactly why I stopped wearing them! They didn't give me any blisters but they were so heavy and rigid that my ankles in particular were almost immediately wrecked. I was limping and wishing for a teleport system in no time at all and cut my walk short so I could rip them off my feet and swiftly order some new boots from Amazon - as close as possible to my favourite boots of all time, which died last year. My ankles were aching and tired for a good while afterwards but eventually stopped screaming at me. By that point it was raining harder again and I was glad to be home in the dry.
My food today was good, my morning was productive - the afternoon a bit less so - and my exercise, like this mornings weigh in (the first for a few weeks) disappointing 
Weight today 182 lbs.


  1. Chrissie did you see how to lose weight well the other night when they were testing the omni diet which seemed to do the job. It seems quite sensible 70% green stuff and 30% protein with good fats like olive oil. I could live with that and a square of dark chocolate for those moments of need. Hard first two weeks gradually easing off. Might be worth a look

  2. Those boots sound dire. Did you manage to find some better ones?
    J x