Thursday, 16 February 2017


Thanks for not telling me I'm copping out with my new plan. I worry when making that kind of decision that I'm going to end up on a six month bender involving eating till I die.
I was snacky today but not sweet stuff and I inadvertently walked 7.5 miles so I think I earned it. 
This morning I walked to the doctors surgery to hand in a repeat prescription form and intended to carry on into town afterwards. Then it started to rain so after depositing the form I headed for home. Then it stopped raining so I turned around again. If I had a stalker he would have thought I'd gone mad. I made it into town without more rain and went to a hairdressers I'd spotted where you don't always need to book. They fitted me in straight away and would you believe it, the stylist was a keen walker who forages for wild mushrooms! Never enjoyed a hair cut so much before. Not necessarily the best cut ever but a good experience. And way less stressful than trying not to get drawn into a forced conversation about whether I have a holiday coming up. Then I went to the library, returned home for lunch, and popped out for a little shopping. That's when the snackiness kicked in, I reached the shop and like a flick of a switch my energy was gone. Walking home I felt like my spine was compressing under the (not that great) weight of my rucksack. Yep, still a bit run down. Rest day tomorrow.

Food today:
Breakfast:  eggs scrambled with mushrooms and bacon 
Lunch: cauliflower and leek soup with a garnish of diced bacon 
Dinner: chicken and vegetables - Sunday dinner on Thursday 
Snacks: cashew nuts and pork scratchings 


  1. Sounds like you had a not bad day! I'm glad :) One day at a time, it's all you have control of!

  2. Well done one day at a time