Friday, 3 February 2017

Ow Ow Ow ooh

Something very horrible happened to me yesterday - something I volunteered for and inflicted on myself, but if anything that just makes it worse... I decided a while back to get a coil fitted so I wouldn't have to keep with the pill. Yesterday was the family planning clinic session to get it done. OMFG short of child birth which I haven't and don't plan to experience that was the horriblest thing ever. I have (apparently) a tight cervix with an awkward tilt and needed local anaesthetic (why does a local anaesthetic have to hurt? Seems illogical), dilators and multiple attempts at insertion, all of which were on a spectrum from uncomfortable to excruciating. I arrived at the clinic around 17:20 and didn't get home till almost 20:00 because of all the hanging round in the most uncomfortable moulded plastic chair ever 'designed', I had a million opportunities to leave... so I have no-one to blame but myself, but it was dreadful at the time. Luckily I'd bought some powerful paracetamol and codeine painkillers earlier in the day so I was able to get some sleep eventually. I really hope it lasts the advertised 7 years!
This morning I tried Lidl in my ongoing attempts to find the cheapest shopping options. Both my own mother and M's father prefer Lidl to Aldi but I disagree - I think I'll stick with Aldi from now on.
It poured with rain all day so I wasn't even tempted by a walk - instead I did some studying and reading - I'm enjoying a biography of Josephine Tey at the moment. Pretty dull day really but I needed a restful one as I'm tired and still cramping off and on.

Weight today : 179 lbs


  1. Ow, ouch, that brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
    J x

  2. You have my empathy child birth is not to be recommended it is no fun. Fortunately there is a baby at the end otherwise men would have died out.