Monday, 6 February 2017

Monday again

Saturday I tried on my second pair of walking shoes from Amazon and had the same result - too small. The manufacturer - Merrell - seem to make up their own sizing system and it's not even internally consistent. I was frustrated and annoyed so I decided to go to Sports Direct where I could try some pairs on. It's only a mile from the house so you might think that should have been my first resort, but I find the stores aesthetically unpleasant, the staff fairly useless - and who can blame them, working there must be soul destroying - and the corporate ethos unethical and disgusting. Having said all that, the shoes I found fit, were cheaper, and I was able to wear them back home - which somehow overcame my objections. I'm not proud of it, but I walked there with wet feet again so meh.
Sunday I walked about 3 miles for shopping purposes but otherwise had a quiet day apart from watching the new Ghostbusters movie (loved it - although I felt a bit sick when I realized the first one came out over 30 years ago) and drinking half a bottle of red wine. Although I did eat well, I'm still drinking too often though not usually very much at a time.
Today was a better day. I walked 3.5 miles (I'm breaking in my new shoes nicely), ate well and drank no booze at all. I also tracked everything I ate in MyFitnessPal, so I'm feeling pleasantly virtuous right now. One day down, hundreds to go...
Oh, and a busy week ahead - my brother is visiting Wednesday and Thursday and... wait for it... a job interview on Friday!

Weight : 179 lbs


  1. Good news about the shoes and fingers crossed for the interview.
    J x

  2. Happy Monday :) I have bought a few things from online sites and the sizing was crazy off! Sometimes it's better just to shop in the stores. Happy walking!

  3. Best of luck with everything especially the interview

  4. Yay for new shoes! They make a world of difference, don't they?