Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Long dreary day

It was drizzling at 4 this morning. And at 5, 6, 7... get the idea?
I literally never left the plot on which our house sits. At 4 am I took our food caddy up to the rear access lane for collection this morning; at 2 pm I put the recycling bag out the front for collection tomorrow morning. If recycling didn't make me feel less guilty for running a dishwasher and tumble dryer I wouldn't have left the house at all.
I spent the day searching for jobs to apply for, watching tv (QI XL and Vera, if you're interested) and doing laundry. And grazing. I was awake at 2am and am so tired that if it had been a nicer day I probably would have cracked in terms of chocolate at least, possibly booze as well since that's still a temptation every day. But it wasn't nicer so I didn't. However I had some toast this afternoon, not gluten free, and not part of my plan.
At the moment I'm watching Griff Rhys Jones tramping around the Scottish Highlands, reluctantly admitting that the weather could be worse... just looking at it is making my feet cold despite my warm socks and central heating.

1 comment:

  1. Only some toast well done. That's nothing considering the miserable weather. I hope the job hunting is soon successful you need a bit of a boost