Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hello Doris

With Storm Doris passing through Wales it's actually not raining today. I know - amazing! But we do have 50+ mph winds howling around the house, waking up innocent would be sleepers and putting would be walkers off as well.
I had to nap briefly this morning due to a splitting headache that took a while to respond to painkillers, but I also managed to watch some IT training videos on the Net and search for some jobs (not very successfully). While the headache was at its peak I had trouble getting my eyes to focus well enough to read the website - hence the nap. It cleared up by lunchtime thankfully and then I spent some time looking wistfully out of the window at the plants thrashing around madly in the back garden and trying to find the energy to brave the storm. Which was nothing more than a bit of wind, but I'm a big wimp when it comes to the wind, especially if it's cold as well. So I didn't leave the house all day. I can't carry on like that, I'll go nuts! The wind seems to have died down now so hopefully tomorrow will be better...


  1. I reckon safe and warm inside was just the ticket for today. Cold, wet, very windy - where's the attraction? :-)
    J xxx

  2. Don't walk in woods in high wind I once had a big branch come down only feet behind me scared me to death.