Thursday, 2 February 2017

And rain

I'm currently waiting for the delivery of a new pair of walking shoes. The comments on Amazon make it really hard to be sure what size I want as the manufacturer apparently runs small so I ordered a half size up for now from a supplier who does free returns, just in case.
I have some stuff to pick up from town today but it's poured down all morning so I'm waiting for the forecast improvement this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have the new shoes by then, if not the leaky but non-crippling ones will have to have a last outing before the dustbin.
While I'm waiting the studying continues. 
I actually forgot to have breakfast today - unheard I of!
After starting to write this the walking shoes arrived and were too small - so now I'm wearing the still wet leaky shoes for my errands and have added a stop of at an amazon collection point to the list. At least it's finally stopped raining. Except in my shoes 

Weight today : 181lbs 

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  1. Oh no, poor you with the leaky boots! I hate the squelching sound of wet socks in wet boots....treat yourself to long hot soak and a glass of wine when you're back on dry land!