Saturday, 14 January 2017


I walked 8 miles yesterday.
But I ate 23400000 calories of mostly crap. I feel fat, bloated and sick - of myself 


  1. Chrissie have ever contemplated giving up counting both miles and calories and just let your body tell you what it needs. Eat only what you really fancy and in small quantities and give yourself a break Ok so it is chocolate cake with double cream so what. Everyone does it not just you why are you so hard on yourself I hope you wouldnt be so critical of me so why are you so critical of yourself? How about being a happy pig for the month of january!!!!

  2. Sound advice there from Diane.
    J xxx

  3. Hey, don't forget you have been through a lot over the last few months. Stress is bound to take a toll so I agree with the idea of being gentle with yourself. Er, maybe not quite the chocolate cake and pig out advice, but certainly not beating yourself up over the odd faux pas.
    You will get settled in time and things feel more manageable. That's my hope too.
    Cheers, Deniz