Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tuesday morning

After I posted yesterday I had a busyish day, making two trips to the doctors surgery I've registered with here - the first to take in the boxes for my medications so I could request a refill for my antidepressants, the second for a 'new patient' check up with the nurse. Which was horribly traumatic because it included being weighed, in the afternoon, fully dressed. I was forced to stick my fingers in my ears and 'la la la I can't hear you' till her lips stopped moving at that point. 
I also met some people walking dogs and, more importantly, the dogs they were walking with. I love meeting friendly dogs on walks, they're so happy and enthusiastic!
The rest of the day was quiet. I was home alone and just watched TV and read my book. It was an autobiography by David Jason - 'My Life' - and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I recommend that. It also inspired me to start watching A Touch of Frost and I enjoyed the pilot episode. 


  1. Nothing like doggie cuddles to brighten your day... especially after the trauma that is the dreaded new patient appointment.
    Why is it that practice nurses have the ability - for a multitude of reasons - to make you feel like a sinner of the first water, yet doctors don't?

  2. I would share your trauma, Chrissie. A nightmare!
    J xxx