Thursday, 19 January 2017

So tired

I spent this afternoon walking around Cardiff before meeting an agent to discuss my job situation. Between that and the walk to and from the train station I thoroughly over did things without realizing it. It was interesting to go back after not visiting the city for about 7 years and I was revisiting places I used to go to all those years ago - but it added up to over 8.5 miles and once again I was poleaxed afterwards.
As I was returning home on the train I got an email from M's father proposing a stroll up Penyfan - that's a mountain - tomorrow. For once I put sanity ahead of my long term desire to do that walk and asked for a rain check. I don't think I'll be going far tomorrow...


  1. What a beautiful place!!!

  2. You must be so glad you've moved there. And there's time to walk up that mountain, maybe when the weather has improved.
    Sleep tight!

    J x

  3. Oh Chrissie I do envy your visit to Cardiff. Miss it still. The Goat Major used to be the Blue Bell back in the day - great pub it was.
    Think you are dead right not to try for Pen y Fan tomorrow. It is not a gentle meander even when you feel 100%
    Miss that too.

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