Monday, 30 January 2017

More peaceful

First up, thank you Joy and Diane for your advice on Saturday. I haven't needed to follow any of it yet as yesterday I was away all day - visiting my mum - and today I've only seen my neighbour from a distance. On Sunday M went out after I left to drive to Mum's and he says he saw the neighbour's father next door - so hopefully a visit from his dad has helped him get onto a more even keel.
Sunday was lovely. The weather was poor so we didn't go out, but my mum cooked a lovely roast lunch, we talked till my throat was sore (guess that tells you that 'we talked' means largely 'I talked') and my brother popped over for a couple of hours so we had a chat as well. The drive home was pretty nightmarish because it absolutely poured - and with the usual spray on the M4 visibility was very bad. I left quite early to ensure I wasn't driving in the horrible torrential rain and the dark as well, and was home by 5. It was still worth it though!
Today started with a trip to the council recycling site - hopefully the last for a while. I got there a little early but the gate was already open so I just went on in and finished unloading my recycling before I should even have been able to start - always like it when that happens!  A little later my father in law came over to pick something up and we had a chat, then he gave me a lift to the library in the next town from him. I didn't do badly but it wasn't great so I may well have cleaned it out in terms of books for me. The walk home - just over 3 miles - felt arduous because it was cold and dreary, and not long before I got home it started drizzling. Drizzle is the natural state in Wales (possibly even worse in the more mountainous areas than it is here in the South East). It doesn't pour all that often, though yesterday was certainly the exception, but it can drizzle for days and days and days and...

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  1. Hopefully that interaction the other day was a one-off!