Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Missed another day...

I'm in a hotel room in Feltham right now. If you're interested, this is definitely not a holiday destination. Today we hand the keys back for the rental so I came up with M yesterday (he works in the area a couple of days a week) and we'll head back to Wales tonight.
Yesterday I had to get up at 4 for the journey up and my stupid brain was stressing over the possibility of over sleeping so decided it was better - you know, safer- to just wake up at 2 and stay that way. I'm also catching a cold. Between those two factors and the rain, I didn't enjoy yesterday much, felt like crap all day, ate crap all day, and spent several hours just hiding in the local library instead of my planned long walk. In the evening we went to Nando's - which is gourmet food by Feltham standards - and then watched a little TV before I had an early night.
Today I'm going to the rental to take meter readings and hand over the keys. That should be done by 9:30. M finishes work at 4 so I have quite a while to try to entertain myself. I have a feeling that it's likely to be another annoying day because I'll be focused on not risking getting stuck anywhere and failing to meet him at the office. At the moment I can't even decide whether to have breakfast in Feltham or Bracknell. Or just live off the 6 inches of fat I've added around my bum, which could support a family of four for years but I need things to do with the day so probably I won't do that. At least the weather forecast is better for today - the logistics I have to carry out for the above plans have at least 4 miles of walking built in and I would prefer not to have to do it in the rain.


  1. Oh my goodness. All of this insanity should slow down for you soon. Hang in there!

  2. Hope the weather is nice for walking at least!