Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I've not been very well

Some kind of cold-like bug that was hanging around in the background last week, hit hard Saturday night, and prevented me visiting my mum on Sunday, thereby making me depressed as well. I suppose my appalling eating several times last week may have been due to my misreading of the signals my body was sending me to say it had a need to fight off the infection or something. Anyway I never set one toe outside the house on Sunday - in fact I stayed in bed most of the day and only got up for the bathroom, food, or to avoid bed sores - and yesterday I felt much better though not 100%. I walked to Aldi - about a mile each way - and did some speculative shopping there. I've been used to shopping at Tesco every week but now we are so close to an Aldi I want to see if I can replace a lot of my shopping there to save money. I bought a little more than I intended and after carrying it home I was knackered for the rest of the day. This morning I feel better than yesterday morning but not 100% so I'll see how the day unwinds but maybe be a little less ambitious in terms of carrying stuff if I go out for a walk later.
Also yesterday we got blinds fitted on the downstairs windows. Because it's a (dormer) bungalow with the main bedrooms on the ground floor I haven't been comfortable opening the curtains since we moved in - delivery men and visitors actually walk past the bedroom windows on the way to the front door - so we've been living in artificial light since we moved in. Now that we have vertical blinds I'll be able to open the curtains and let some natural light in at last, thank God - I am not a fan of artificial light generally, or of having to pay for electricity when its daylight outside. I guess that might have contributed to my low mood the last couple of weeks.

It's very grey but this is a picture of the view from my dining room window, taken while the curtains were open for the blind fitting. 


  1. There's some very nasty bugs going around at the moment - so sorry that you have caught one of them. They do seem to hang around, so be careful and don't push things too much.

    You could be right about the artificial light - natural light is much more cheering. Hopefully those blinds will help.
    J x

  2. Chrissie this is going to sound awful but I am glad that there was something physical wrong as you had me quite worried you seemed so very down. Now it all makes sense please be kind to yourself and give yourself time to recover fully before taking on marathon walking in this miserable weather. I think you will find that Aldi is a good substitute for many of the basics and I have found their fruit and veg good quality and reasonable price. If you were closer I would have to bring you a bucket of "jewish antibiotics", in the form of chicken soup.

  3. I love Aldi! Many of their store brand items are just as good as brand names, and I always save quite a bit when I buy my foods there. Hope you continue to feel better!