Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Injured meself again

Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to kill myself a cell - or a limb - at a time.
Right after I posted here yesterday I went out to post my V5C to the DVLA and why can't we do that on the internet yet huh? HUH?
Anyway. It was cold and I am daft so was reading my Kindle while strolling to the nearest post box when my foot slid out from under me and I found myself abruptly kneeling on the path. Having dropped the envelope in the slushy leaf litter alongside the big ice patch I might have seen if I wasn't reading my Kindle.
So I had to quickly remove the form from the disintegrating envelope before it also disintegrated, then return home to write, stamp and fill another envelope and wipe the mud and semi-liquid leaf litter off my leg and my Kindle so I could try again.
At the time it was not too painful and I'm still not limping although kneeling down is no fun at all but I was shaken up and overnight my back got really sore so I must have jarred or twisted something on the way down. I really enjoyed changing the duvet cover this morning what with the back and the elbow and the knee... Serious question, I won't take offence, but am I actually the clumsiest person you (sort of) know?
Enough moaning anyway.
Sky was installed yesterday and I went a little nuts on the On Demand trying to catch up with stuff I missed because of the move. My conclusion - we watch too much TV.
In the interest of not watching too much TV I joined the local library today, so you'll be delighted to read 'I went to the library' 8000 times in the next week. Sorry. Actually the library isn't anywhere near as good as the one I belonged to in Berkshire so I may not go as often - but I did get a new book by my favourite author so that was good. I managed to walk into town alongside the Sirhowy River, which was very picturesque if you avoided looking at the litter - I may have to get myself one of those grabbing hooks and take it with my picking litter everywhere I go. This area is way more beautiful in terms of the landscape then Bracknell ever was or ever will be - but the local people don't seem to appreciate what they have in the same way so its not looked after as well.
Would you drop litter round this?

I'm turning into my mother by the way, which is not the worst thing that could happen. She's always been most indignant about litter whereas I didn't notice it as much before (maybe because of the whole reading while walking thing) but now it seems much more offensive to me. People should look after what they have dammit! Grrrr. 
It's due to be freezing again tomorrow. I wonder if I can bash the other knee up too. Symmetry is important.
BTW I've descended into eating crap again and massively struggling to find a way out. For the last 3 days I've declared to myself it's time to toss the gluten and reduce the carbs - and every day I've done neither of those things. Give me strength...


  1. So sorry you hurt yourself. But on to the important stuff....who's your favourite author?? Love finding other people who 'read'. Honestly, not enough of us left!

    1. Meant to say 'read and walk'. Been doing it since I was 5 and still do :)

  2. Ouch! Hope you're ache and pain free very soon.
    The riverside walk sounds great. Bet you will see snowdrops and other wildflowers soon 😃 (take your mind off the litter).
    Like Enz, I would love to hear about your good reads.
    Cheers for now,

  3. Oh, no! Your poor knee. Although, I have to claim myself as the greatest clumsy person out there. I once broke my food walking down (and slipping on) a handicapped ramp.