Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hold on please while I have a quick heart attack

This morning I had a few chores to do - a trip to the council recycling site, filling up the car ready for popping to visit my mum on Sunday, borrowing a drill from M's father so M could do some DIY... and while I was out I thought I'd also check out Lidl to see if I wanted to try to do my main shop there this week. I did the recycling bit, filled up the car at Tesco, and then drove to Lidl - literally next door. It was when I got out of the car at Lidl that I realized my handbag was too light... and then remembered shoving my purse into my jacket pocket at the petrol station after 'paying at the pump'... and then realized it wasn't there either...
I quickly checked inside the car and still nothing, and that's when I figured out that I must have dropped it at the petrol station. You've never seen anything like it... I ran, then walked a bit, then ran again back to the petrol station, by the time I got there the running more like staggering, basically chanting under my breath 'be there, be there...'  It was still on the ground by the pump I used. The guy filling his car at that pump looked quite nervous seeing me staggering over but luckily realized I wasn't a crazed maniac when I picked up the purse and was very friendly, and then I was able to get back on with my day more or less as planned... 
When I got home I helped M with his DIY during his lunch break, which might not have been the best idea.
In the afternoon I took a walk to asda - about 1.9 miles away. Literally at the furthest point - in asda - I started feeling uncomfortable and by the time I was half way home my back was acutely painful. I don't know if it was the stress and unaccustomed exercise first thing, the DIY, or just an unwary twist in asda but my back is still killing me now... Dammit 


  1. That's the worst. Take it easy!

  2. Backs are bastards! I know now to stop whatever I am doing the minute mine starts to kick up - inconvenient yes but better than back ache for a week. p.s. are you in south wales? I have witnessed a miracle and had two holidays in south wales with not one drop of rain. 14 dry days on two occasions unheard of!!!