Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I had a small bingeing episode later yesterday. I bought some Prosecco (cheers Diane!) and while I was in the shop I also bought some food from the chocolate food group. Not gluten free and they'd never heard of low carb.
It's the first time for a while so I'm moving on from it in an OK fashion and haven't had any problems in that line today thankfully.
No idea if it's connected to the less than ideal eating yesterday but I've been very lacking in energy today. I'm also quite congested and a little breathless so it could just be the cold bug hitting me again. I did walk to town this morning to put some shoes in for resoling and I was very aware that I was walking more slowly than I generally do.
Now I'm lying on the bed trying to find the energy to deal with a laundry load 


  1. I think the lack of energy indicated to me that you're not completely over your virus yet.
    (I love Prosecco!)
    J x

  2. Agree with Joy. Whatever bug's doing the rounds at the moment seems very reluctant to leave.

  3. Probably a bug. Hope you feel better soon.