Monday, 23 January 2017

Catch up again

Friday I didn't do anything. I only popped out of the house once - straight up the hill to the corner shop so I could top up the booze, apart from that nothing at all.
On Saturday M's parents came over. He picked them up at 11 so I had time to make a couple of trips to the council recycling site first (it's one of those centres where I'm pretty sure they dump everything into the same landfill when everyone's gone home 😒 but you can only do your best). I had picked up lots of stuff for a buffet style lunch which went down well though I'd over-catered as always. After that my father in law and I went for a long walk in the hills so that I would be exhausted again. 

And I was, despite a small break in a pub for refreshment. But the good side of that was I slept like the dead Saturday night - usually I really don't sleep well when they come over because of all the activity and noise.
Sunday was another do nothing day. I spent the majority of it lying on the bed reading a library book or watching Midsomer Murders. Really relaxing and a good recovery time from the walk the day before. Also eating loads of carbs because I 'had' to eat up some of the buffet ingredients. The rest I will bin even though I don't link throwing food away - but if I don't want to eat it, forcing myself is no less a waste. Next time I'll try to buy less.


  1. Anything you can freeze or make soup out of? I know the feeling my motto is never knowingly under catered

    1. Sadly this stuff is completely lacking nutritional value - bags of crisps and things. The cold meat and cheeses etc will happily find a home in my stomach, I won't be binning that sort of thing, and likewise the salad veggies. The bits I'm throwing away aren't really food at all..

  2. Would some keep for the next time?