Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Back to Reality

At least for the portion of the population that is employed currently. I hope you all enjoyed the time off work!
I have spent the last two weeks packing and unpacking the house and we are finally seeing something that looks like a working house, although there are still a few things outstanding - more address changes to process, tasks that couldn't be completed during the holiday season such as ordering a recycling bin (the local borough council literally closed its office down from the 23rd of Dec till today), joining the library (ditto - although I had to wait for my new driving license anyway as proof of ID & address), registering with a doctor and so on. It's good that so much of it can be done online these days though - we've already done quite a lot of that stuff.
Today we're getting Sky installed - I got lucky, it was originally not happening until early February but I guess they had a cancellation or something - and in a couple of days we'll get BT phone and broadband, which will feel positively civilized. I have a garage full of cardboard boxes waiting to go to the recycling centre later on in the week along with bin bags full of non-recyclable packaging materials galore. Hopefully they'll only completely fill my poor little car two or three times before I can see the ground in the garage. And then we'll get some more deliveries and I'll have to do it again.
I've had some pleasant walks in the frosty sunshine the last couple of days - and one in the rain when I just needed to get out for fresh air regardless - but can't post any photos because my (formerly much loved) iPhone has started crashing while I'm out, usually just as I select the camera app to take a picture, and refusing to restart until I bring it home and plug it in. At least once this happened when I was exploring a common on the top of a hill with no real clue of where I was and I had to follow the sound of traffic till I could find a road with signs that helped me figure out where I was. On the plus side I discovered a large wild area I can explore properly when it dries out a bit. On the negative side I almost threw my not yet paid for iPhone into a bog in disgust. Hopefully a new software update will occur shortly. Hopefully this update will actually have been tested first. FYI Apple I am a perfectly good software tester looking for a job - how about letting me help you get it right next time??? The main reason I didn't throw the phone into said bog (or into the river the first time it happened, or at a wall) is that I hurt my arm - my right arm, and I am right handed - during the move. At the moment my elbow protests when I pick up a can of fizzy drink / scratch my nose, so athletic hatred-fuelled hurling actions are not appealing.
Speaking of not appealing, time to hoover up the snowdrift of polystyrene currently covering the floor before the Sky engineer arrives at lunchtime...


  1. Chrissie sounds like the norm for moving house now you know why it is up there with the biggest life stressors. When i was very young we moved flats in london and didn't have any suitcases so we wore all our clothes and went on the bus looking like mitchelin men oh the joys of moving!!!!!

  2. It sounds pretty exhausting really but sounds like you are getting it all under control slowly but surely.
    J x

  3. It does sound exhausting - but YOUR OWN HOME!
    How awesome is that?

  4. Aaaargh! The 'joys' of moving - even the thought of it makes me shudder these days. Been there, done that and have way too many t-shirts to show for a peripatetic life so I sympathise.
    But, you are finally in YOUR OWN house so hopefully that compensates a little.
    Hope life will settle down for you and your fortune take a turn for the positive side on the job front too. Again, I sympathise here - yet more applications in (can't believe I sent one in on New Years's Day!) and every finger crossed for both of us!
    Happy 2017