Friday, 9 December 2016

Yesterday I slipped into a weird twilight zone world...

A world where, long after everyone else had lost interest and I had lost the will to go on, out of the blue - our mortgage offer was finally confirmed!
At this point we still just about have time to get things through before Christmas but to me it feels more likely that we'll be moving between Christmas & New Year, or even in early January. Mainly because we're still waiting for the vendor to tell us whether she has Japanese knot weed in her garden (I'd settle for a waffly'not to my knowledge' response) and the solicitor hasn't yet had her copy of the offer through from the Bank. After a few weeks of this stuff I think mild pessimism feels more appropriate than allowing myself to hope it will all work out - too much pressure that way!
I can't believe this has only been going on for about 5 weeks - its feels like months since our offer was accepted. Of course the downside of this step forward is that it will very soon be necessary to get all the logistics worked out - no small thing when moving 120+ miles!

As a possible result of getting the confirmation through, portending an end to the 'in limbo' existence of the last 5 weeks, this morning I was actually inspired to get on the Versaclimber, and trudge away for 41 minutes going nowhere in front of an old episode of Criminal Minds. Ever since then my arms and legs have felt like lead and I've struggled to get up the stairs - its brilliant!!!  Although possibly a bit over the top for a first time back to exercising. I'm trying to find the energy to get outside in the sunshine but my body seems unaccountably stuck to the sofa at the moment.


  1. Congrats on hopping on and getting some exercise!

  2. There is always room for a bit of couch potato in everyone's life it is called REST go ahead treat yourself......