Tuesday, 20 December 2016


We exchanged contracts on the new house!
We are due to complete tomorrow, pack up the rental on Thursday and move into the new place Friday. I am exhausted and delirious with relief. Or possibly drunk on prosecco (what? I like it better than champagne or cava).


  1. I love prosecco - maybe not better than an expensive champagne, especially if someone else pays, but apart from the, lovely, yes, please!
    So, so glad yo hear your good news. Quite a push but worth it. All the very best.
    J x

  2. See it all comes out in the wash! This is going to be a memorable Christmas for you. Glad you like the wine from my local area prosecco is very close to Trieste. Once you shut the front door on the new place nothing else matters.

  3. What awesome news! Merry Christmas!