Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy Christmas everybody

I know I'm a little late but my complete and total exhaustion hit yesterday and turned me into a tree stump!
Yesterday morning we mostly spent continuing to unpack stuff. I'm now stuck as far as my kitchen goes until I get a fridge delivered on Friday - in the meantime I've got a small drinks chiller taking up a chunk of work surface and a box containing the contents of the old fridge taking up another chunk, leaving we with very little room for maneuvering things around the room.
At 11 M's dad arrived to pick us up and take us to their house for the day. We sat around chatting and watching TV until lunch was ready, and after lunch his Dad, S, and I went for a walk. It was of course raining most of the way. At intervals S offered me a choice of the short or long way back to the house and every time I picked the long way without remembering how much hillier Wales is than Berkshire. Not to mention how slippery and muddy the off road sections were. I really enjoyed it despite the rain (no photos because of the weather) but by about 3.5 miles my ankles were really aching and when we got back (5.4 miles in total, at least half of that up hill) all I had the energy for was changing out of my muddy clothes and collapsing on the sofa. Everything - the busy days, the lousy sleep, the booze and the hilly walk - crashed in on me at once and I'm embarrassed to admit I was in bed by 7. And I'd spent an hour struggling to stay awake before that. 
This morning I feel mostly human but I doubt if I've caught up on my rest enough to last the day - I just hope to get some stuff done before I collapse again!
Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday!


  1. Chrissie you have the rest of your life to sort things out. Don't rush just potter you will find that if you put things away in a hurry they will be in the wrong place and believe me it will be years and much cursing before you get it right. This is the voice of experience speaking I still have things in the wrong place and I have been here 39 years.

  2. Totally agree with Diane. Just welcome the crashes as your body's way of telling you to rest and relax. The rest will go o much better when you have done so.
    J xxx

  3. Happy Christmas to you! I agree with Diane and Joy - take your time getting settled and take care of YOU!