Monday, 21 November 2016

Why did I do that???

I did not behave myself at the weekend in any respect. On Saturday I went out for a long walk - but I'd slept badly the night before so instead I had a coffee in the coffee shop and a read sitting in the library. On Sunday I didn't have coffee or library but I didn't do any better on the walking front and both days I overate on carby crap. I was feeling rather down, which I suppose isn't massively surprising when sleep deprivation is combined with stress and having a permanently depressive personality. I'm also worried about my mum at the moment. She has a hip condition - on the same side as her hip replacement - and the last few days it's been so bad she can neither sit down nor stand up straight. Last Thursday she was injected with corticosteroids to reduce the inflammation and it was helping but today she's bad again and relying on co-codamol to just get about. It hampers her life as a whole and keeps her awake a lot, and it can't be good for her general health but apparently the injection is all they can do :-(. I wish I could help somehow but there isn't anything to do... I'm probably asking how she is a little too often, but she hasn't told me to stop fussing so far :-)
Add in the truly miserable weather today and I'm not feeling too cheerful today. However I do at least see some reasons for the way I feel, most of which will be relieved fairly soon I hope, so it is better than the nameless reasonless seemingly endless kind of depression. We are hoping for some major progress on the house front today or tomorrow and I'm clinging to that a bit. But I want to eat a chocolate fudge cake. Yes I said 'a' not 'some'...


  1. Chin up things will improve they always do. It is just life's rich pageant and console yourself you are not in Syria

  2. Hope today is a better day!

  3. Hope things cheer up soon!
    J x