Monday, 7 November 2016

That was a good weekend

My brother arrived on Saturday morning, later than expected because the Highways Maintenance darlings had closed the slip road he was supposed to leave the M4 on and he got lost trying to work around it. We headed off to the train station pretty much as soon as he got here and were in Waterloo just after 10:30 (also later than expected because rail maintenance work led to a slight diversion and a speed restriction)
We walked from Waterloo to Westminster Pier and boarded a City Cruises boat for a boat trip to Greenwich and back. This was as good as it always is, with an interesting commentary I'd more or less forgotten since the last time we did it. In Greenwich we walked around the Saturday market, bought some lunch at the food stalls and had a brief wander through the Royal Naval College before catching a boat back to Tower Hill so we could walk back to Waterloo alongside the Thames. It was cloudy most of the day, though the sun was breaking through the clouds by the time we boarded our train back, with a cold wind, and we didn't manage our usual walking distance - under 10 miles - because of the late start and the boats. 

But we were both tireder than usual because I kept waking up in the middle of the night and he'd just finished two solid weeks of work including the weekend in the middle, so we probably wouldn't have been up to doing more.
On Saturday evening we got a piri piri chicken takeaway and chatted a lot. Because of the fireworks (I hate fireworks, in case you've forgotten) banging and hissing all around there was no point trying for an early night.
On Sunday we caught a train to Virginia Water and walked through the village to the Virginia Water lake in Windsor Great Park. It was bright and sunny with a bitterly cold wind and we just walked and talked for hours. The park was lovely but could have been improved by having more toilets and more eating choices - I was forced to eat a sandwich against my will because that was all that was available (though it was tasty)

Sunday evening was just TV and chatting till my brother had to leave to drive home ready for work this morning. Although I was forced to eat some bread and chose to eat some some rice, plus a tiny bit of pastry, I didn't overeat much and certainly didn't binge. I resisted all sweet stuff and felt pretty good about my choices. So no feelings of guilt to spoil the weekend!

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  1. Such gorgeous photos! It sounds like a weekend to remember too. :-)
    J x