Friday, 25 November 2016

That's better

Today I avoided a repeat of yesterday's mistakes by not leaving the house at any time. It seemed a waste since it was a beautiful sunny winter's day, but not going out allowed me to do lots of revision while not eating a cake the size of my head, so I considered that an acceptable trade. 
My exercise today was provided by the deterioration of my brain. It took me 3 trips upstairs this morning to bring down a single wine glass. (The first time I was distracted by the laundry basket, the second time I got dressed instead, and the third time I had to walk straight into the room without switching the light on or looking to either side so that I couldn't accidentally catch sight of something else to do) In each of the first two trips the only reason I worked out what I'd failed to do was because I'd left the dishwasher door wide open and ready to receive the glass. I know everyone experiences the "why did I come in here again?" feeling, but twice in 5 minutes? I'm so getting old.
Still, at least I managed not to add another inch of flab to the layer I added to my thighs yesterday. It's a shame I had to make myself a prisoner in my own home to achieve it, but whatever works and all that.
I also managed to do laundry, change light bulbs (all by myself!!!), book our company Christmas do, make a massive pan of chicken bone broth and pack a box of kitchen stuff just so I could feel like some progress was being made towards moving house. I get a lot more done when I can't go out. (I'm not saying I do a lot, just a lot more than my usual virtually nothing). I'm exhausted now. Did I mention how old I'm getting?

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