Friday, 11 November 2016

Interesting times

Well, the financial markets etc seem to have calmed down amazingly quickly. I don't understand that - after all he's threatening to rip up all the trade agreements, or has he backed down on that? M thinks the suspicion and dislike of his Trumpness within his own party basically means he'll be blocked from achieving any of his insane plans anyway, so here's hoping that M is right about that.

In the meantime, on a personal note, spending large periods of time gawping disbelievingly at the InterNews has distracted me from worrying about the house move for a couple of days. I wouldn't choose a world shattering political upset that makes Brexit look like just another day in the trenches as a distraction for my petty little problems, but if such an upset has to happen I guess it's good that it did me some small favour.

On Tuesday (after posting my in depth study of the election results ;-)) I proceeded to eat (and drink) all the carbs. I'm not even feeling bad about that, since I think most of the developed world probably joined me. My version of the hot sweet tea after a shock happened to involve pastries and chocolate, but the result was probably the same. Yesterday I wasn't even tempted by all that crap anyway so unlike my usual 'one day off leads to a bad week' pattern it seems - so far - to have been just an unplanned cheat day. I have decided that I may have to drink my way through the period until DT either gets impeached or has a mysterious accident so if I don't say I was booze free assume I wasn't.

Yesterday I had another knock back on the job front and now I'm thinking after we move back to Wales I'll ask for an application at the local Asda superstore. It's not like I even like Testing anyway.

Today its the rescheduled Removals company quote visit. Please keep your fingers crossed that the M4 manages to stay open all morning, at least between Bristol and Reading, so we don't have to put it off again. Apart from that everything is now happening in offices across the country, and I currently have nothing to do but wait... and phone up asking for progress reports... and wait...


  1. There's a job out there just waiting for you to find it, I am sure.
    I only hope M is correct!
    J xxx

  2. Hmmm, when it comes to what is likely to happen, here post-BREXIT or in the US now DT is in place, I guess we are all just guessing. After all, the so-called expert pollsters got both 100% wrong.
    On the job front - sorry it didn't happen. It's a b***h and I may be joining you at the supermarket!

  3. We don't want Trump impeached - his VP is even worse and more backward!

  4. Missing your messages - are you OK?
    J x