Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hi guys

Sorry I've been offline for a few days, I've just been really tired and pretty inactive due to back pain so I couldn't quite find the will to blog.
So where do I start catching you up?
I had a quiet weekend, no real walks, just watched a couple of movies and lots of TV really.
On Monday very little happened regarding the house purchase or the job hunt. I did make a trip to the next town up the train line so I could find the exam centre for the certification I want to get - make sure I can get there safely without the car, mainly, as My is currently using mine. I got that sorted quite early, was home again by 10 and booked the exam (not telling you when, I'll just tell you if I pass)
On Tuesday morning we received a million house purchase documents via our conveyancer's electronic portal so I spent a couple of hours printing out important documents and reading even more documents online. It was a good sign of progress after nothing really happened on Monday. We also got another opportunity to pay out a massive chunk of money so that was nice :-(
Yesterday was the best day of the week so far, as I met my brother in Reading for lunch and a wander around - and a useful mental health break. I find that doing something like a house purchase when you're not working means it's on your mind pretty much 24-7 without the ability to leave it at the end of the day the way you do your day job when you are working, so it was really nice to be distracted from it all, though I still had a couple of emails and phone calls to deal with. It was raining first thing when I put the bin out - just a light drizzle - sunny in the morning, grey in the afternoon - and absolutely pissed down at exactly the right time to half drown me as I walked back from the train station. Still, I got plenty of walking in and really enjoyed myself, but today I'm suffering again from the back pain so I have very little planned for today.
And now you're up to date :-)
Thanks for checking up on me, Joy, it means a lot to hear from you when I'm going all inward facing xxx


  1. It is nice to have you back with us Chrissie, I too am up to my eyeballs in forms and paperwork most of which is completely meaningless to me and most of which will be buried in some government department for posterity you WILL have a house!!!!!

  2. It sounds like things are looking up a bit for you except for the back issues. Ouch. The day with your brother sounds really nice.

  3. Welcome back. I missed you.
    J x

  4. Hoping things will go really smoothly for you, and your back eases soon. All the best for the exam - not luck, you don't need it coz you are good!
    Hugs, Deniz

  5. How's it all going, Chrissie? xxxx
    J x