Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dull day

The most excitement I had today was reaching the end of my training book - and going back to the beginning to refresh my memory of the bits I haven't looked at since the whole house business came along and took over my life & my brain! 😵
This morning I decided to go for a walk early, before there was any likelihood of having to respond to any emails or phone calls - hah, what was I thinking? Not one phone call and no emails till after 5pm, so I could have gone back to bed, then walked, then... whatever I wanted all day.
My walk started off well but came to a sudden rapid end when I realized that the epsom salts I took this morning for constipation were already taking effect and I needed to get home real quick! I still managed just under 4 miles so it wasn't a dead loss, but god I hate walking while the kids are heading for school. From now on I will hide indoors till the school doors close behind them and the streets clear again. They are so NOISY and so oblivious to other pedestrians trying to use the same pavements as them.
Anyway, my food was good, I had to take a little nap mid morning but am slightly less knackered now. I might have slightly slightly had a small drink this evening though. Ah well, baby steps

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