Friday, 4 November 2016


Yesterday didn't turn out too badly in the end after my moaning in the morning. Around lunch time we fired our solicitor (after 3 days they hadn't even written to us with the client pack that starts everything off) and went for an online company recommended by our mortgage broker. They had us set up on their portal the same day and after a whirlwind of document submitting I think we're now waiting on them for step two. I was also doing the same thing for the broker (with many of the same documents) so I was left not knowing which way was up in the end.
Today I was due to get a quote for the removal company but thanks to an accident closing the M4 she didn't make it so we have to wait a week.
While I was waiting for her M called to say someone tried to steal his motorcycle from the office car park - in the process damaging the bike slightly and its lock sufficiently that his bike is basically immobilized. At work, 20 miles from home. Absolute scumbag bastards, I'd like to run them over with my car!!!
Still waiting to find out what will happen, it looks like recovery to the dealer as they couldn't get hold of a specialist locksmith to remove the damaged lock. Apparently the bastards went at it with an angle grinder...
Today sucks. It may be the first time all week I'll need some booze... I woke up at midnight again last night, very obviously stress / anxiety, so I might need a sleep aid tonight too...

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