Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Where did yesterday go?

I meant to post yesterday evening but for some reason was so tired (can't keep my eyes open exhausted) by 7pm that I just fell into bed. Of course that was a mistake, since ridiculously early to bed, ridiculously early to rise... I woke up at 2, never fell asleep again, and had a splitting headache by 4am. Luckily it responded to painkillers and copious dosing with caffeine so by lunchtime I felt well enough to study some more.
I didn't actually have much to report yesterday anyway - I filled boxes, studied, looked for jobs to apply for, (there. were. None. Not one. Not a single sodding one) made some bone broth and ate some ice cream. What diet? In my defense... Ben and Jerry's...
Today I turned some of the broth into soup, filled boxes (well, box really), threw away some spices with best by dates in 2007, looked at houses on rightmove, and eventually studied.
And wrote this post of course.
I didn't go outside the house except to put the recycling bin out and bring it in again. It was grey and dingy most of the day and when the sun did come out it was obviously just teasing. 

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  1. I am so glad someone else has lovely old spices!!!
    J xxx