Monday, 24 October 2016

The start of another week

I have to admit that after boasting about feeling now urge to binge on Friday I proposed pizza for dinner and didn't go for gluten free as I vigorously stuffed my face. And I finished said pizza for breakfast on Saturday. 
The weekend was spent doing some studying, some planning for the house move, some anxiety brought on my planning for the house move, very little walking and not much in the way of fun.
On the other hand apart from the anxiety attacks it was mostly quite relaxing, and I had one of the best nights sleep of my adult life on Friday night.
Nothing much to report today - more studying (big yawn), I've started packing some of our absolute non-essentials so we can leave them at M's parents house on Saturday when we view a house (possibly two if I can arrange the second) in Wales. They've agreed we can fill their unused dining room with boxes and bits and foolishly didn't ask how long for - which they may come to regret.
I ordered a pack of boxes on Friday which arrived on Sunday. I also ordered a pack of bubble wrap at the same time which was despatched yesterday yet isn't scheduled to get here till Thursday for some inexplicable reason, so I may have to shop for another roll to tide me over.
Every time you think my life couldn't possibly get more rock and roll.. it does!


  1. Glad you at least had a good night's sleep! Have fun packing...

  2. Moving is so stressful! Glad you're hiring someone this time.