Friday, 21 October 2016

Still here kind of

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on Wednesday (and thanks Diane for the biggest laugh I've had for weeks :-)). Every time my brain starts circling the drain I forget how much it helps to hear from you all and all I want to do is hibernate and wallow but I still love you all!
Yesterday was fairly quiet, a couple of quick dashes out to Tesco and the library in the morning interspersed with studying, and a headache in the afternoon that put a stop to the studying for the rest of the day. I've had to put a hold on the online classes just for fun so I can focus on the professional certification I want to get - which is not as dull as I feared, but not as interesting as just picking something that sounds good. I'm basically just reading the recommended book and trying out sample tests in preparation for doing the exam at some point soon; there are training courses but they cost hundreds of pounds and I don't know for sure that it will help me find a job, so I'm being frugal about it.
In between doing that we have to plan our next house move, which is proving difficult. Our landlord wants a rent increase that we think is excessive so our tenancy will end in January and we are either moving locally - within this part of Berkshire - or moving back to Wales. How do you plan for such different destinations??? Getting stressed just thinking about it! One thing we are sure of is that we're not DIYing it this time regardless of how far we move. So that won't be cheap. We really need to stop moving all the time and settle down somewhere - I'm sure I'd be 20lbs lighter and feel 15 years younger without all this mucking around. 
Anyway. Feeling calmer, no desire to binge, still not really motivated by the weight loss battle but a little less emotional about it as well. Some of that is more positive than other bits, so I'm trying to focus on those for now. And reading my damn textbook.


  1. I hear you about paying someone else to move. In the early part of our marriage, we moved 14 TIMES, sometimes across the country. We didn't settle somewhere until 10 years ago. We always did it ourselves, but are getting way too old for that.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the joke some times a bit of stupidity is good for you lets face it life is a bit of a joke in itself good luck with the real study if you fancy when you have more time try a life of happiness and fulfilment with corsera. Very good stuff.