Monday, 3 October 2016


I wasn't going to mention it until afterwards but I have a phone interview this afternoon. 
It's a weird one for me as its a permanent job not a contract, and it's back in Wales. M and I have been thinking about moving back to Wales for months off and on so this could be the deciding factor. In fact we drove back on Saturday to view a house - we haven't made our minds up on it yet though. If the job comes up obviously that will be a massive upheaval. I'll probably have to stay with M's parents for a while if we decide to buy a house rather than renting one, and travel back to Berkshire at the weekends as though I were working away. It won't be much fun - though obviously better than a normal working away scenario - but I'm tired of trying to be a contractor in the current market and possibly tired of it full stop - my favourite repeat clients are moving away from the use of contractors and I enjoy moving from job to job less than ever these days. Plus I miss owning a pet and a permie job could well provide the necessary stable base to allow us to get a dog, or a cat, or a dog and a cat...
Anyway, it's all pie in the sky unless and until I get the job but it's exciting to think about it... Please wish me luck!


  1. Very much luck to you . . . xxx
    J x

  2. Hi Chrissie,
    I have everything crossed for you.
    You don't need 'luck' exactly - you are too good for that and have the skills in place already. But a little good fortune would be great.

  3. Best of luck! I was very happy when I was finally able to take a permanent job instead of contracting. Hope things work out the way you wish!

  4. Best of luck I could have used your help today had a complete melt down with the computer.

  5. Don't get restless. Everything will be fine and you will enjoy happy life soon. Anxiety can make you weak and ill. Stay happy.