Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Today has been quite productive and now I can hardly move.
When I got up this morning I was planning to train as you know and I got my training gear ready to encourage myself.... before deciding that scrubbing toilets and doing laundry sounded more enjoyable. So after breakfast I did a top to bottom house clean (according to my very unhouseproud standards) including changing beds, which I passionately hate. 
Then I considered going for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny morning (if breezy) and I had a plan in mind to try to find a new park I just learned about. But a voice in my head was saying 'you told the world  (well, that part of the world that reads your blog) that you planned to train today...' Stupid voice in my head, just listening to it made my legs feel heavy. But it wouldn't shut up do after defiantly watching some documentary about cats I gave in.. and trained for 42 angry, resentful, tortuous minutes. Oh all right, it really wasn't that bad once I got going...
By the time I finished training it was time for lunch and then I waited until 2 pm to go for a walk thinking the roads would be quieter once the employed population finished work. I just wandered around a couple of local parks and woods for about 4 miles (getting windswept) but it was sunny and warm at least when the wind dropped so I enjoyed it enough to not even read my book.

I do feel good - in a knackered kind of way - but I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow is a lot less energetic. I do still need to mow the lawn though...

No news yet about any job stuff 


  1. It sounds fantastic and it's been lovely weather here as well. I do enjoy these autumn days.
    J x

  2. Congrats on getting out there for a nice walk.