Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wow it's hot again today

I'm not a fan of these late heatwaves - not when it reaches these temperatures anyway.
This morning I was unexpectedly inspired to get on the climber for 22 minutes - the first time in months. As always I felt great afterwards and wondered why it had taken so long. As always I'm determined not to let it go so far again - and probably will :-(
After training I had a scintillating morning of housework a walk to Tesco. I had hoped to do more walking but it was too hot so I didn't bother. 
On the plus side I'm feeling a lot better today. A slight sniffle remains but the 3 day headache is gone and my right eye feels more like an eye and less like a swollen pulsing supernova (slight exaggeration - but it has been aching lately)
My back hasn't been at all sore today and in addition to my morning training I did 20 push ups. OK in two sets of 10 several hours apart, but I have to start somewhere. And I am sooooo unfit right now....

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  1. It was dreadfully hot here too - most unseasonable, but that's been par for the course this year. Today and Thursday are supposed to be pretty hot too, unfortunately. Really glad the cold is back away now.
    J x