Friday, 16 September 2016

What the?!?

I know I warned you I'd be moaning about the weather again today - are you sitting comfortably?
This morning at 2:30 I woke up startled by something - I wasn't sure what until the flash of lightning. That was followed by another thunderclap - and another. And another. You get my point. The storm lasted until around 4 and was close enough and loud enough to defeat both my earplugs and the white noise sounds of my fan. Then it started again about an hour later and didn't stop till after 6am. I considered going back to bed but by then I was hopelessly awake so I settled for significantly more coffee than usual and skipped training.
I had my Tesco delivery just before 10 and then went for a walk to check out the location of a house we're considering moving to. Another move. Another rental.
It was barely raining when I left home but started pouring down when it was too late to be worth going back. So I walked in total for about an hour and a half in the rain. As I'd already made a couple of attempts earlier and been defeated both times I walked 7 miles and got thoroughly drenched. When I got home I made lunch and then collapsed - walking in the rain seems like so much more effort because it's so much less fun. Of course after I was well and truly settled back in the sun came out and the late afternoon was gorgeous. Tell me that I shouldn't take it personally if you can :-)
These were taken when the sky paused for breath. You can still see what a glorious morning it wasn't. I was going to try to photograph the rain but didn't want to drown my phone.

I will admit that we were luckier than places like Maidenhead, Newbury and Didcot - not really that far away, and flooded in places....
My back aches a little this evening - perhaps from hunching over against the rain?
Oh, I completed Week 7 of my Financial Markets course this afternoon as well.

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  1. Hi Chrissie,
    Just discovered that I am able to leave you a comment using the phone, big relief as my laptop still says 'no!' (the blighter).
    Glad to see you keeping on keeping on, and hope life is kind to you in the weeks and months ahead.
    Hugs (at long last!!!)