Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday the 1st

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had plans for long walks etc. Then at 5 in the morning M told me he'd ordered some flowers to be delivered that day, and I had to stay in till they came - which didn't happen until 2pm. By which time I didn't have the time for a long walk, or the inclination. So it was a quiet day spent mostly indoors apart from a short walk to Tesco after the delivery so I could buy some birthday booze. And birthday chocolate.
In the evening we ordered a takeaway, I'd originally planned to try for something fairly low carb but by the time we ordered I'd drunk one glass (one! I'm such a lightweight) of Prosecco and my inhibitions were lowered enough that I went really quite high carb. It would have felt hypocritical to get a low carb dinner anyway given that I'd eaten chocolates anyway.
By bed time I'd had another couple of glasses of Prosecco and didn't have the energy to post. But as you can see I didn't have much to say anyway.
Early on I was a little frustrated at not being able to go out in the sun (it was a beautiful day) but overall it turned out to be relaxing and pleasant. And the most exciting thing that happened was again wildlife related - no killer spider spottings, but mid afternoon while I was chatting to my Dad and his OH, I wandered into the kitchen, glanced out the window - and found myself in a staring contest with a squirrel about a foot from the back door, sitting on the lawn. It sat there taunting me until I tried to take its picture, then ran off as soon as my camera phone was pointing at it.
I think its been in there before, and that time I did get a picture, though it may have been too far off to show up....


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday it was Dans birthday too and he got two walks both of which involved swimming so he was knackered by bedtime.

  2. Happy birthday to you for yesterday! I'm glad you had a lovely day.
    J x