Friday, 30 September 2016

Still can't think of a title

I think I'm starting to come out of my sulk now, because I am not 6 years old anymore and need to act my age. Do I? Don't wanna.
So just to recap, this has been a week of some depression and a lot of anger at the rubbishness of life. Pointless of course, but that's never stopped me.
Monday - didn't leave the house AT ALL 
Tuesday - dashed to the library, went home and stayed there
Wednesday - two shopping trips so walked 5 miles 
Thursday - one shopping trip followed by going to Curry Club at the local Wetherspoons where I was very good with the food but too much booze was consumed (HI Enz and Joy, yes it was definitely pissed drunk not angry :-))
I enjoyed myself quite a lot though M was disappointed because they'd taken his favourite curry off the menu. On the way home afterwards I started out hanging on to his arm, then decided to let go and walk independently, managed a few steps and then fell over on someone's lawn, completely slow (but irresistible) motion from my perspective, ending with a slightly melodramatic roll on the grass. I think they must be right about drunks not hurting themselves as I just lay there giggling for a minute then got up and managed to stay upright the rest of the way home. No bruises or stiffness today!
No hangover either, which amazes me - and really isn't deserved. 
So I'm feeling not too bad today. Hopefully it will last a while....


  1. Oh, I have had such a giggle while reading a certain part of your entry! (sorry, but I could just see it in my mind's eye)

    Maybe you needed to let out all the frustration and anger and this week was necessary!

    Lovely to have you back
    J x

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh! Glad you are none the worse for wear.

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