Thursday, 15 September 2016


Yep, still moaning about the heat - what can I say, it is really uncomfortable for me especially as I'm so much heavier again.
Today I trained (only 20 minutes - I'm alternating between 20 minute HIIT training and 40 minute steady training to help build up my endurance without (hopefully) injuring myself or knackering myself as I did last time I started up again) before walking into town to collect my nice new glasses, then mowed the lawn (hating every sweaty minute) and collapsed for a couple of hours before walking to Tesco. In total, including the climber and the mowing, I apparently managed 7 miles despite the heat, which actually makes me pretty happy. But I am oh so ready for the cool wet day we are forecast for tomorrow... Yes, of course tomorrow I will be complaining about the constant light drizzle, but in its own way that's got a charm of novelty after all this life-sucking unbearable heavy heat. Bring on the rain! (I can say that now I've mowed the lawn)
No change on the job front. I hate this.

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  1. Yesterday (Thursday) was terrible but today may have been wet and windy bit it's cool and comfortable and I am looking forward to sleeping under my quilt tonight instead of over!
    Well done with the training, the mowing, getting the new glasses and the lack of injury!
    Here's to a cool weekend and a job looming for you. < clink of glasses >
    J x