Monday, 12 September 2016


My weekend was really quiet - I mean REALLY quiet. M was away from Thursday to Sunday visiting his parents so I had plans for lots of walking but between the stomach issues from Thursdays carb binge and a relapse into the cold I was moaning about last week I didn't leave the house on Friday or Saturday and only popped quickly to Tesco on Sunday. The weather was so hideous on Saturday I wouldn't have wanted to go out anyway.
After M got back on Sunday morning we watched a movie that neither of us had seen before - Citizen Kane. I'm not sure I believe it's the best movie of all time, but we enjoyed it and the two hours sped by, which is always a good sign with a movie.
Sunday evening I had really bad back pain that felt like I'd been knifed in my left kidney, which luckily disappeared over night.
Today was pretty dull. As always Monday is my housework day so cleaning and hoovering started the day off unpleasantly. After that I went to the library and Tesco where I was unable to pick up some Night Nurse for the House of Sneezing and Sniffling, so I had to head into town in the afternoon. Now I'm Sniffling and occasionally sneezing and hoping this bloody cold clears up soon... I suppose one good thing about being unemployed is the ability to stay indoors (medicine supply permitting) without worrying about work...

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