Friday, 9 September 2016


I've put myself on lock down today so I don't have an opportunity to go shopping for 12454566 lbs of refined carbs again. Of course it's lovely and sunny out so I may yet decide to go for a walk, but without any money. At the moment I'm still feeling a bit dodgy after going well beyond sane eating yesterday. I'm really quite embarrassed at my behaviour but reminding myself that over all I am bingeing less often these days.
I do think that this relapse started out with my body asking for more calories so it could fight off M's germs but my weird bingeing brain got the message all twisted up and triggered very unhealthy behaviour. At the moment the idea of eating anything sugary is literally and actually nauseating so hopefully it will be easier from now on. 
Stupid brain. Stupid body. Stupid (lack of) will power.

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  1. No not stupid you are hard wired to seek out high calorie food